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Are you planning a ride on your electrically driven vehicle (not a hybrid vehicle) and you want to know where your vehicle has a suitable Power-Plug-Change service station along the way? We list all the service stations and you can select a suitable station for your listing and reserve a ready-loaded one, so that no waiting times arise in the service station. A list of current power plugs can be found manufacturer-specifically in the Service Unit Registration area. Please note that you have loaded our apps on your smartphone with location display, so that the service station is informed accordingly about your arrival. After the reservation, you will receive a reservation ID, which you must keep in the service station for identification. Please allow an average time of 5 minutes for switching. With the round trip option, you can reserve several Power Plugs in the individual service stations of your trip. Please note that you have your vehicle ID number ready. You will need this for the reservation., We wish you a safe journey – no loading times – with your electrically powered vehicle.

In the service area you can register with the menu item Unit Registration with the help of your vehicle identification number, your electrically driven vehicle (not a hybrid), if you did not receive an identification number of the Car Alliance when you purchased the vehicle. In the menu item Unit Information you can view real-time information and the history as well as the remaining estimated lifetime via your Power-Plug. If you have set the menu item Watch-dog-warnings to Active in the Unit Registration, you will also receive alerts for your Power Plugs via e-mail or SMS. With the help of the cost calculator you get an overview of the estimated costs of changing your Power Plug. Please note that due to our optimized energy management these costs may be different in the different seasons. In any case, the costs are considerably lower than when charging with a standard charging station or charging through the normal power grid. The menu item Software download takes you to the corresponding installable App’s for your Apple IOS or Android based Smartphone.